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Why is Apple's Airpower still a no-show?

That means it has to build some "smarts" into the device, and perhaps incorporate additional features, since the device will have a processor inside, Gold said. The company is also rumored to be considering features such as cross-device synchronization and Bluetooth connectivity. "Finally, it means that a lot of testing has to be done to ensure both charging adequacy as well as it won't damage any devices Apple has in market (not just phones, but the watches and ear buds as well)," Gold added. Read more Australian teen sparks FBI action after hacking Apple: media The technical challenge for Apple is not only to detect and charge multiple devices with different power requirements, but to do so with these devices placed in an ad hoc fashion on the charger, according to Mark Hung, a vice president of research at Gartner. "Given the delay, I assume Apple's engineering team has found this challenge to be a little tougher than what they had originally expected," Hung said. Current wireless charging pads  that allow up to three devices to power up at the same time require them to be placed in specific locations — basically X marks the spot on the pad. "Whereas with AirPower, you're able to place it willy-nilly anywhere you like," Hung said. Read more Qualcomm, Apple kick off second trial seeking US iPhone import ban Developed under the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi is the most popular wireless charging specification href=''> and is supported by more than 230 companies, including Samsung, Sony, Delphi Automotive and Energizer. Apple became  a WPC member  last year.

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